Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Asian American Film of The Week: RED DOORS

Apologies for the delay in your much needed prescription for good Asian-American cinema! This week I wanted to take a detour and look at a film that dissects family.

RED DOORS takes a look into the lives of three Chinese-American sisters who make attempts to reconcile their lost loves after being "inspired" by the disappearance of their father. This event forces them to look for him and leave their hectic and urban lifestyles to rediscover the things that are most important.

The film does a nice job in bringing issues to light without bashing you over the head with them. This film has a confident charm which resonates in the mature performances of a fine cast.

RED DOORS won awards in Tribeca, CineVegas, and Outfest, and this film continues to be an important part of the timeline of the ascension of Asian-American cinema.

Hope you enjoy!

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