Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reel Voices Update and SDAFF Trailer 2009

Well folks, another season of Reel Voices is wrapping up... It's a balmy 88 degrees outside the ARTS building in Liberty Station, and closer to 98 inside the computer lab. RV Interns Lora and Lupe are putting finishing touches on their films... Junia is expected later this afternoon. Staci is "finished", but hasn't shown her project to her valiant instructors yet; Steve will finish tomorrow, Holly and Jarrod are both in good position to finish, but exact details remain unclear.

So, for those of you keeping score, it's 0 finished films and 8 still to be completed - with 33 hours to go.

I initially thought it was the youth that gave them the procrastination gene, but upon closer examination of my own habits, it seems creativity is sometimes enhanced by approaching deadline. :-)

As I swelter in the EZ Bake Oven computer lab, I am also on deadline for a project... the 2009 SDAFF trailer. I have spent the last several weeks (and every waking moment) watching the greatest hits of SDAFF 2009, and suffice to say I am impressed. (On a related note - if you haven't purchased your all-fest pass yet, the time is now! $125 for all-you-can-watch privelidges, and the price goes up $50 on Tuesday -- so hurry!)

Since I don't have my camera, here's a quick screenshot of progress on the trailer. Should be done this week, so stay tuned for the big reveal!

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