Tuesday, September 1, 2009

and Viejas was entertained... by the KIMS of Comedy!

Last Friday night was the night that the KIMS or more appropriately named, Kevin Shea, Bobby Lee, and Steve Byrne owned the night at the DreamCatcher lounge in the Viejas Casino in Alpine.

The laughs were aplenty and there was aplenty diversity; as Caucasians, Latinos, African-Americans, and (of course Asians!) came out
to forget about their real-life troubles and issues and laugh at the... troubles and issues of Shea, Lee, and Byrne!

A bunch of
SDAFFers came out to represent too as this marked a really cool event for the Asian-American community in
San Diego.

I know that I had a great time and if the KIMS ever decide to come back you should not, and I mean NOT miss this once in a lifetime show. As an added bonus, you can get some cool T-shirts from Kevin Shea after the show or at his website.

Also, a quick plug at SDAFF 10 we will be having a comedy show! Check the new sdaff.org site coming soon for more details!

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