Thursday, September 3, 2009

This cutesy face--

is the face of South Korean actress SONG HYE-GYO. She is mainly known for her bubbly roles in romantic-comedy Korean soap-opera series.

Then, who's that in the picture below?!

... Song Hye Gyo was also in an American movie!!!

The film, MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME, is a indie Hollywood movie by a Korean director who's had his studies in New York. This makes it a unique U.S.-Korea joint production. This is her English debut film. It's already been a year since it was premiered at Pusan Int'l Film Festival!

The film hasn't been available to wide audience yet-- So do not miss your chance to see this cutesy bubbly actress taking a hold on a thriller--! (lines in English too!! haha-)

coming to SDAFF 2009!

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