Monday, September 7, 2009

Dirty. Ugly. Critically Acclaimed

This is an indie film from SOUTH KOREA... I present to you Breathless, whose original title is "Poo Fly". Ew.

Koreans use that word to refer to an annoying person who just bums around being a hassle to others and doing nothing worthwhile in life.

Yes, the film is about such guy.

BREATHLESS (South Korea, 2009)
Director: Yang Ik-Joon

But the guy has reasons that he is living in such filthy fashion... he has personal stories that explain why he lives such BREATHLESS life... running away from the past he wants to erase... running for happiness he cannot acquire...
all the actors are newfaces to the big-screen... but their performance is superb.
although it is a low-budget production, it is definitely far from low-quality
and it's been loved all over the world in various film festivals- Deauville in France, Rotterdam in the Netherlands, in Barcelona, Fant-Asia Film Festival in Canada, in Singapore ... the film's been everywhere!
so keep in mind of this film... San Diego will have the chance to see it on the big-screen. get ready to be left BREATHLESS.

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