Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Challenges of being a Programmer

This year has been the most challenging year for me in the festival world. I have worked in this industry for a little over seven years, and I still feel like I'm learning everyday. The first year of being a everyday part of SDAFF has had many challenges and great moments. One of the best moments for me has been being a programmer for this year's festival.

Finding and selecting films is one of the most fascinating aspects of a film festival. It is in this timeframe that I really had no idea of how the festival would shape up to be. I felt that even me, one person can affect the theme and flow of the festival through my decisions and judgement calls of what films would be a part of this tenth festival.
What is definitely most difficult about selecting films for the festival is going outside
of yourself for guidance. Many times I had to ask myself if I am grading the film based on just my own perspective or on how other people (SDAFF audience) would see the film. It i
s in thinking outside of myself that I found the most challenges. But these challenges have great value as you the viewer are the ultimate winner.

I feel that we have selected the finest, greatest Asian-American and International Asian films resulting in 200 films in two weeks; this is a tremendous experience for myself, and I certainly know that you the Asian film fan will enjoy this festival with us.
Want to know more about programming? Just stop me at the festival when I have a free moment!

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  1. thanks for your hard work. looking foward to the festival!!!