Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day Two, Too Coool for Yoooo.

It's Friday!

As soon as I arrived at the theater, happy for another day at the festival, I was greeted by the man behind GIANT ROBOT , the popular art magazine based in LA. His name is Eric Nakamura. So kind of you Eric! (Just kidding. I went to bug him when I spotted him alone.)
A few hours later, I spotted director ROMAN CORTEZ, who was here to do a live video shoot that requires participants from the audience. How exciting- I thought.... until I also found out that..............
LEONARDO NAM was a part of this!!! He was back to join us this year-- so nice seeing him again! But I had to miss the live video shooting. Boo.
There was a man in a banana suit roaming the theater area. Hm. (Promoting for WHITE ON RICE-- nothing unusual-. And he's a very nice banana man :] )
Screening of WHITE ON RICE!!! Packed theater, roaring laughs... even the Q&A session was hilarious!
Our young short film director JOE KAMIMURA who has his short film BE AWARE at our festival this year. He attended the screening too. (he's a cutie)
And the star of the night-- Hiroshi!!! With another festival guest Carol Yun who came all the way from Temecula. (thank you Carol!) He generously did a shoutout for our friends too. Domo arigatoo!!

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