Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hip Hop is still alive at this year's Film Festival

Ever since i first jumped on staff for SDAFF, one of the projects i've gotten involved with and will remain forever loyal is BLOWFISH. Blowfish is one of the funnest events during the festival, and it really COMPLIMENTS your film festival experience (although not neccessarily a film). Blowfish is a hip hop concert during the festival and is always one of the best parties.

Everyone always asks about the name, and I gotta say, there really isn't a very interesting story, it just happened. Alex Aboyme (former Street Team Leader) said "Hey, What about BLOWFISH", and everyone just went with it. That's it. Story ends. However, the name has stuck and so has the legacy of the event.

This year Blowfish will be the biggest it's ever been (and i'm really not sure if it can get any bigger then this year), with performances by
Lyrics Born
Kero One
Dannu, Zen, and Keykool of the Visionaries
Vox Merger

There will also be music video premieres throughout the night from artists like Bambu "Crooks and Rooks", Far East Movement "Fetish", and ApSci "Under Control"

Tie that in with some give aways from our sponsors TOYOTA, MYX and ABS-CBN, and Future Rockstars of America and you've got one of the funnest nights..possibly ever.

Saturday, Oct 24
Canes Bar and Grill- Mission Beach (right next to Belmont Park)
Get on the guestlist at Blowfish@sdaff.org or buy limited pre-sale tickets in the UltraStar Cinemas Festival Lobby.

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