Thursday, October 1, 2009

MY TOP TEN MOMENTS Episode 1: Jennifer Lo

As we get closer to the festival, our Core Staff has listed out their top ten memories at past Asian Film Festivals. What will your top ten memories be at this upcoming film festival?

- Youth Day 2008: amazing that about 400 kids came out for Youth Day. The kids were so excited and the teachers were very grateful that we held this for their kids. It was a great feeling.

- Rosemarie and I were walking around downtown with John Cho and Harold Ly, which turned into the quest for the W Hotel. We spent a good hour searching for the W Hotel because John couldn't differentiate the red dot from the green dot....good times!! Too bad we didn't run into the cheetah or Neil Patrick Harris.

- Having breakfast with Justin Lin and MC Hammer. It was so surreal that I was sitting there with one of the biggest name of hip hop name in history.

- Slow dancing with John Cho during a karaoke session, 'nuff said!

- Havng dinner with the cast and crew of "Half Life" and discussing with Leo Nam how scary "Knotts Scary Farm" really is.

- First time sitting in the theater watching my first SDAFF movie, "The Rebel." I picked a great first movie cause it was badass!! The entire audience was so into it, it was like a huge Hollywood hit where people clap at the end.

- Hanging out at SDSU with the crew from "Finishing the Game" with Roger Fan and Dustin Nguyen educating me about the Asian American issues that is going on today in society. I learned a lot that day, there was a lot of sitting around doing absolutely nothing.

- Watching C-Diddy perform at Blowfish. He had so much energy and the crowd LOVED him.

- Hanging out at the hotel room at the end of the day with everybody stuffing our faces with kimchi bowls and choco pies. Good times!!!

- Lee Ann was so stressed out that she was losing her phone every 10 minutes. I was on the search of Lee Ann's phone all night.

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