Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome Kami Lennox!

We would like to welcome another new member of the SDAFF family, Kami Lennox.

Kami comes to SDAFF from San Gabriel, CA when Lee Ann Kim came as a guest speaker to her Public Service class at UCSD explaining her journey and then highlighting the SDAFF and how it began and how it is serving San Diego now; Kami was inspired to join SDAFF. As a Media: Film and Video major and Public Service minor, she has currently been grappling with the task of how she will use her knowledge of the media to help decrease ignorance and increase unity around the world.

After traveling to Cambodia during this past summer and teaching English to adults who work with impoverished children, she has been inspired to learn the Khmer language and hopefully travel back this summer. Kami really loves to cook and bake; she also enjoys working with cosmetics, drawing, painting, filming, and dancing and singing. She has ventured to Cusco in Peru, Mexico, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, & Cambodia.

Kami has worked with the Chronicle Project in Pasadena, where she was a production assistant intern, and she too, like Cecilia has done editing work. Kami will be working in administration with an emphasis on the Connect San Diego Program.

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