Monday, February 22, 2010

Just another day for Sophia the Intern

Operations manual, conflict of interest contracts, equipment rental request forms, updating film libraries, labor law compliance forms – who has actually heard of all of these and what kind of internship is this? Working at SDAFF may seem kind of random, but as an administrative intern, these all somehow relate together. My biggest project here so far has been working on the operations manual.

Ever since the first day, Phil has been telling me how important it is to the life of SDAFF to have this manual in ca
se some natural disaster happens (knock on wood). All of these papers neatly stacked in a binder with some clearly labeled tags holds pretty much everything you need to know about running and organizing SDAFF from the ground up. So if mother nature decides to be mean one day, I can say I helped with a possible re-creation of SDAFF (or at least organizing the binder anyways. Haha).

In addition to that, Phil has been putting me on random projects such as creating/re-creating different contracts and forms that I subconsciously knew existed, but didn’t really care about until now. Being that all this stuff is important in running a business, I took the opportunity to read each document because some are actually slightly more interesting than one might think, and I know that they will be useful when I work as a human resource manager (I hope).

Today, I transcribed a foundation development brochure. Something I can probably get done in 10 minutes right? Not really… I got distracted by the movie that was playing on TV and it took me at least an hour to type up 3 pages… oh well… I hope Phil doesn’t mind. Just another perk working at SDAFF

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