Thursday, February 11, 2010

San Diego Jewish Film Festival Opening Night

Last night was a nice night to watch an Israeli film...about Sumo Wrestlers!  The opening night of the San Diego Jewish Film Festival featured a truly enjoyable experience named A MATTER OF SIZE.  The film in which the cast of wonderful Israeli actors channeled the humor of The Full Monty.  The writing was colored with the difficulties of being overweight with specificity to the Israeli cultural perception of obesity.  The film was also wonderful for including Togo Igawa as the Hebrew/Japanese speaking sumo coach who churns out plenty of the film's surprises.  

This film speaks to the importance of self-identity, awareness, and the obvious "what is most important in life" argument that usually makes films predictable.  Valentine's Day can learn a huge lesson from this film; give the audience a great story with truly endearing, complex characters and there is no need for the Taylors (Swift and Lautner) and Julia Roberts to show us what love is.  Let these awesome Israeli Sumo do that!
I will be co-presenting the film on Saturday Feb.13th at the UltraStar Mission Valley at 7:30p on behalf of the San Diego Asian Film Foundation.  I hope that all can attend this fantastic film; it will also play again at the AMC La Jolla on Thursday Feb.18th at 5:00p.  
Look at the pics that feature the desserts from the after party.  
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