Thursday, April 8, 2010

Intern POV on Today's Cinema

After viewing some shorts from the Media That Matters Film Festival I began to reevaluate the current portions of mere entertainment served to viewers today.

While momentarily distracting, they exist purely for escape's sake as the drudge of the world continues on, ignored and deteriorating. After about 100 years of existence, the capability of film is slowly beginning to move beyond the monetary boundaries of success, instead, expanding deeper into the value of the human condition. As the world becomes more globally unified and media tools, accessible, the creation of exhausted comedy and the flirtation with the revelation of taboos will become of lesser and lesser interest.

Once the populous has seen it all, it becomes difficult to use such as an effective distraction, bringing the attention back to the heart of the matter of our earthly brothers and sisters. With awareness becoming increasingly unavoidable, it gains the potential of embracement, bringing a certain sense of creativity to capturing our realities instead of heavily busying ourselves with fictitious constructions. The smoke is finally starting to settle and the mirrors are cracked...are you still watching?
-Kami Lennox

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