Friday, April 9, 2010

The Intern who Hates Leaving Voicemails!

Is it just me or do you hate leaving voiemails as much as I do? I would prefer the person to answer their phone so I could actually talk to them instead of just leaving a message. Voicemails scare me because I always feel like I'm leaving something out or that I just sound plain stupid. I never know what to say. Personally, I have a system of writing out what key points I have to say to the specific person so then I'll know that I've hit those points.

But then the important stuff of leaving your phone number and name can also be left out sometimes and then that would lead to another voicemail. And what if you're calling someones cell phone. They're going to see a million missed calls and one voicemail. Wow would I look dumb.

So my tactic is just to power through it and hopefully remember to say what I have to say and not sound too stupid. Hopefully I don't sound like Paul Rudd from "I Love You, Man" when leaving a voicemail for Jason Segal.

To all those who can relate, don't feel alone! I'm there with you!!!
The intern who hates to leave voicemails

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