Sunday, April 18, 2010

the one where i introduce myself as sdaff intern john im

Note: You should read this while listening to Wale's Shades feat. Chrisette Michele, because that's what I'm listening to while writing this.

Anyways, what's up, all? My name's John Im, and I'll be Jenn's lovely partner in crime as a graphic design intern. I'm a graduating fourth year at UC San Diego with a major in Visual Arts Media. When I'm not burning the midnight oil trying to produce some film or photographic work for school, I design for the Cross-Cultural Center and SPACES (Student Promoted Access Center for Education and Service). These two centers do some amazing work for underrepresented students/communities on and off campus. You should definitely come through if you're ever at UCSD. Otherwise, you can find me chilling in my room or on a friend's sofa listening to music and enjoying life. I just recently started fooling around with silkscreening so we'll see how messy that turns out...

Ok, ok, now that you know some little tidbits about me, allow me to share the WHY with you all. Why do I design? Why do I do what I do?

Well, I basically design for that little korean kid I used to be that would walk down the street and not see a single familiar face in billboards. I want underrepresented communities to finally see themselves in the media, be proud of their culture, and love the color of their skin. There exists a world that values equality in representation…equality in speech…equality in opportunity.

Feel free to say hey if you ever see me. It was great sharing this with you all!

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