Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SDAFF Intern Introduction Frank

Hi Everyone,

I'm one of the new interns at SDAFF, and I'm definitely excited to start. This is also my first blog ever, so this is a unique experience for me. So far everyone has been so nice, it's like we're new additions to the family. But yea, i can't wait to get things rolling. So I wanted to start my first blog with a little introduction about me.

My name is Frank, and i was born and raised in San Jose, CA. I have one younger sibling that goes to San Jose State University. My parents immigrated from Vietnam in the 1970s. My entire life i really didn't go out and do much. It was not until my Senior year in high school that i became involved. So i would say the first 17 years of my life was pretty boring. But after that, things got interesting.

I first started joining clubs just to get myself out there. I joined Key Club and Interact, which are basically clubs that are involved in the community. I was really inspired by the level of interest they had in the community, so i wanted to do something else after i graduated. So i decided to volunteer abroad in Vietnam. This was a way for me to connect to my parents and culture. I taught English and worked with children with disabilities. I was in Vietnam for 3 months, it was the most memorable three months.

Now I'm graduating from SDSU. In a nutshell, now I'm very much involved everywhere. SDAFF is another opportunity for me to gain valuable life experiences.

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