Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First Festival, First Blog

Hey this is Brandon, Programming Intern for SDAFF and I’m here to tell about my first ever film festival experience, and it was this weekend at the LA Festival. I only went to the screenings at the Director’s Guild of America theatre, so I can’t really speak for the other venues, but everything about the DGA is really nice. I saw Sung Kang (of Better Luck Tomorrow and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift fame) in the lobby and I saw one of the ‘Ajummas’ from Ajumma! Are You Crazy? I immediately recognized her but I didn’t remember so I wasn’t going to yell out “Hey Ajumma!” because I didn’t think that would go over very well. Especially from a skinny white boy. Anyways, the main theatre is way bigger than I expected and it’s a really cool layout.

I saw some of the shorts programming and then stuck around for the big Sunday night event, Clash. The shorts I saw were under the title “Of Flesh and Spirit,” and they were all centered around human interest-type stories. The two that really stood out were Borgy Torre’s Bonsai and Actually, I Am a Superman from Song Kwong-ho. Bonsai was probably my favorite because it has a really compassionate portrayal for a very lovable main character whose trying to get his neighbor to fall in love with him. Actually, I Am a Superman also had a really compassionate and human streak in it about a teenager who befriends a girl who gets bullied, and it also has (slight spoiler alert) totally unexpected ending.

Later that night I saw Clash, a Vietnamese action film about a group of strangers attempting to steal a laptop with government information on it. It had this real edgy vibe to it and a couple of genuinely funny moments. There is a character named “Ox” in it that definitely became a crowd favorite as the goofy oaf who is the oddball in a group of professional criminals.
Anyways, all this happened in one day, and I can only imagine how much better/crazier/more exciting it’s going to be when we put on SDAFF.

(And I know it says that Phil posted this, but that's a lie. It was all Brandon)

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