Tuesday, May 4, 2010

SDAFF Intern Introduction: Christine Hoang

Woke up bright and early today...why? To blog about myself of course! :P

If you haven't met me yet, you will... I'm Christine, one of the new SDAFF interns! Let's see... I like art, videogames, sports, reading, philanthropy, technology, writing, film of course, trying new things and meeting new people (and the list doesn't end of what I like)! And I love food...people are surprised how much I eat because I'm petite!

I currently attend SDSU as a Political Science major with minors in Psychology and Environment & Society. With it being my last month there, I look forward to the future and all it brings me, especially the SDAFF experience! I've had a little taste and I'm seeing how amazing this organization really is.

Oh and if you like stargazing like I do, you should download my favorite app -- Google SkyMap! :)


P.S. I really did wake up early for this---my internet isn't working too well so it wasn't posted earlier :P

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