Thursday, May 27, 2010

Old Partner

So today the internet wasn't working well so Christine and I decided to watch the Korean documentary, Old Partner instead (yay!!). The film tells the humble story of an old man in rural South Korea and his loyal ox - it sounds strange, I know. The ox has tediously served Mr. and Mrs. Lee on their farm for 40 years and the thought of its coming death is difficult for Mr. Lee. Though perhaps small, Mr. Lee's consistent actions and way of life show his immense love for his loyal companion, and as repeated throughout the film, the ox is the reason Mr. Lee survives. Meanwhile, Mrs. Lee serves almost as a comedic relief constantly nagging in the background and sometimes even competing with the ox for her husband's attention.

I would have to admit, Old Partner is a bit slow. However, I can clearly see how it was the highest grossing film in South Korea. The film perfectly showed the relationship between the two. It was humbling to see both working hard despite their quickly worsening healths; Mr. Lee often picks weeds on all fours because of his crippled leg. It was also strange how well the film depicted the "emotions" of the excruciatingly slow and weathered ox.

It was definitely a different film for me. I'm used to action packed and in-your-face movies as I'm sure most people my age are. Yet this quiet documentary told a more important story and lesson than most films I've seen thus far. Perhaps this isn't a date-night sort of doc., but I would definitely recommend this movie to all of you guys!!