Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Great Happiness Space

Hi everyone,

Last week I was able to watch a great movie/documentary titled "The Great Happiness Space," directed by Jake Clennell. The movie is about a club called the Rakkyo Café. The documentary follows the owner of the Rakkyo Café, Issei, and his staff of hosts. The club is located in Japan and they offer host services meaning that you pay to interact with a male host. The male host's job is to entertain and interact with the client. This interaction can range from friendly conversation to an intimate type relationship. The hosts of the cafe are trained to fake a relationship with their client(s) and act like they are in love with their client(s). Someone will often go to a "host club" to have drinks and socialize. Often times the clients find themselves falling in love with their host and visit regularly. Issei, the owner (pictured above), is highly sought after and the most popular host. The clientele are predominantly females. The host service is not cheap. The hosts can make up to $10,000 a month or more if they have a lot of clients or ones willing to spend a lot. The hosts must be personable and attractive physically and intellectually. I would recommend this movie to anyone interested in learning about the host club culture in Japan or just looking for a very interesting and entertaining documentary. There are host clubs elsewhere and even in America. This documentary is well done and offers a great insight into the world of "Host Clubs."



  1. Nice talks.I also like to have such type of talks. It has got the Best Documentary Feature Award in Edinburgh International Film Festival 2006. It's worth discussing.


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