Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sherilyn's learning!

Hi everyone! I can’t believe I’m already three-fourths of the way done on my internship. Time has gone by so fast, and I know I’ll miss this place. Over these past few weeks, I’ve had a blast interning at the SDAFF. I honestly feel super lucky to get such an awesome internship. I love all of the assignments I get (yes, I even like to tidy up the disorganization that is the back room), and the really chill, awesome staff makes it even more fun!

One of my favorite parts of my internship is my project of writing five film synopses. Spending my days watching movies and writing about them is definitely one reason why I feel so lucky to intern here. The films I saw were: Better Luck Tomorrow, Ocean of Pearls, 9500 Liberty, Finding Face, and White on Rice. Although not every film was something I’d normally choose, I did find each one interesting and engaging. Writing about the films was equally fun. I like to create fictional stories, and writing synopses was great practice for storytelling: picking words that would draw the audience in, making them want to see more. I struggled a bit with deciding what information to include in each summary, but in the end, that just helped improve my writing skills.

Now that I’m finished with that project, I’d like to work more on my second one, which focuses on budgeting. I’m already a part of the finance dept. for one of my school clubs, so learning that I could exercise those skills in my internship was perfect. I’ll be helping to budget for the festival, and as we get closer to it, I can’t wait to see all the SDAFF’s work come together.

In addition, I’d like to involve myself more with festival preparations outside of budgeting, like learning more about the programming process and the technology/equipment set-up. It might be ambitious, but I want to continue to help the SDAFF all the way to the festival some way. Or, I’d like to get more involved with other SDAFF projects, like the Reel in the Vote campaign. Overall, I love my internship and am eager for more!

-Sherilyn :]

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  1. Sherilyn, so happy that you're enjoying your internship! We are so grateful you're a part of our team this summer. I hope you'll stay with us long after your internship is over, as we will welcome you with open arms!