Friday, May 7, 2010

Time to Cry (no not really) Sophia's Kinda Last Blog

So my internship here at SDAFF has officially ended even though I’m still here on a Friday afternoon writing this blog that Phil made me do. I just finished watching yet another movie - this time about a Japanese wedding with an alcoholic uncle. And now, me and Maggy are waiting for Phil to come back so we can discuss the process of selecting a movie to be shown the festival.

It’s been about 3 months here and I’ve learned so much about the film industry. First, I’ve definitely increased the amount of Asian films that I watched considering I watched 5 shorts just 2 weeks ago. Coming into this internship, I honestly told Phil that I did not have much experience with films and that I don’t really watch movies, so it I was pretty surprised when he hired me (which I am grateful for). In addition to watching multiple films every time I come in, I learned about the purpose of watching a film and what makes a good one and what makes a bad one. Though my film knowledge isn’t top notch, I am still going to leave here (whenever that may be) with a lot more knowledge about it.

When I first started, Phil had me work on the operations manual. That was actually something I could do. Organization is one of my strongest traits and since the operations manual was created already, I just had to go through and organize it and figure out what else was needed. I gave my expert advice of keeping it in a nice binder with some cool tabs to separate each section in addition to organizing the actual context.

Then it seemed like the tasks got a little more random, from typing up papers, organizing more stuff, cleaning the back room, creating a library for the films, class… but I knew that I was somehow all relevant to the organization and I did everything with minimal complaints.

Overall, I have learned a lot about films, especially Asian ones, and things it takes to run a non-profit organization. What I will take away from this is the knowledge of how an organization works and the processes it takes to put everything together for a San Diego Asian Film Festival.

-Sophia Yuen

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