Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome Back to SDAFF Mari!

Hi everybody! My name is Mari Jacobson (橋本満里 in Japanese), and I'm currently an Operations/Video Productions intern, working with Phillip Lorenzo. I'm seventeen years old and will be graduating from High Tech High in a matter of weeks! I plan to go on to UC Santa Cruz in the fall to study film and cultural anthropology.

My history with the SDAFF goes way back to when I was a 2008 Reel Voices intern. Under the guiding hand of the great SDAFF staff, I made my first documentary short, which went on to show at the 2008 festival as well as the AAIFF (Asian American International Film Festival) and NFFTY (National Film Festival of Talented Youth). During the 2009 festival, I helped to edit some interview footage with the amazing Mike Watson! I recently made a bizarre, experimental short which went on to show at NFFTY as well. I love being involved with the film festival circuit- meeting people, networking, and especially getting to see films from talent worldwide.

Aside from film I'm passionate about cooking (I make the best frozen yogurt on the planet), folk art, jazzy hip hop, traveling, modern Japanese literature, and geeking out about vinyl toys. Like any teenager my interests can be sporadic so that might be different by summer. However, my love for the SDAFF endures and I can't wait to see where my time here takes me!

-Mari Jacobson

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