Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Day in the Life of an Intern

The life of an intern here at the SDAFF office is always a busy one. As interns, it is our strict duty to figure out ways to make the office into a more organized working environment. With the help of Mr. Phil Lorenzo, our mighty Operations Director, we have conquered another feat. Today, we came up with a precise checklist of the step-by-step process a SDAFFer must go through when receiving a new film. Many of the items on the list are self-explanatory, such as making sure that the correct DVD is in its respectable case. However, there were a couple of different things that were brought up that were not as obvious. For example, one must make sure that the information on the DVD case is legitimate and correct (No bootleg copies in the SDAFF library!). Another is to burn the DVD onto an archived hard-drive so that the SDAFF library can have a back up of the film just in case (No harm in being too careful!). Lastly, the SDAFFer must be certain to enter the correct information into the SDAFF database so that the film can be looked up without hassle at any given time.

After this unbelievable conquest, and some smaller office achievements in between, the interns faced another obstacle. The dreaded, “LORENZO POP-QUIZ!!” Phil suddenly quizzed us on background trivia facts about SDAFF. He said that if our team of interns got three out of five of the questions correct, then we would obtain victory. Unfortunately, the intern team faced their first defeat today and only answered two out of the five questions. Although we were disappointed, we faced our punishment with our heads held high. Unfortunately again, the punishment was too much for us and we begged for mercy. The interns have now made it our goal to find out all trivia on SDAFF and memorize all facts. Our advice to any soul that faces “The Quiz,” be prepared in any and all information about SDAFF.

Even with the punishment, the interns believe that today has been a good day at the SDAFF office. Tomorrow will be another great day… unless we have to face “The Quiz.”

-Eunjae Kim