Thursday, July 1, 2010

REEL VOICES Summer Update #3: Christian Guzman

REEL VOICES is a summer high school internship where students from around San Diego County come together to learn about documentary filmmaking. They create a short documentary, are mentored by industry professionals, and have the opportunity to learn skills to help them succeed within the business.

During the summer, we'll have the opportunity to meet the students in the REEL VOICES class and have them take us through the journey of creating their short documentary.

This week we meet Christian Guzman:

I'm Christian Guzman and I going into my junior year at High Tech High Chula Vista. For the longest time, I approached new ideas I had the same way a hippie approaches problems. Thinking about them real hard but never bothering to go out and try something. I always looked at artists doing amazing things, like statues made from typewriters or a man painting himself to blend in with his background, and thought about how I could use something like that somewhere else. Sometimes I'd get ideas just thinking about different things I'd seen. I really want to make things in a different or unique way than most people think of. Hopefully, this program will be a springboard into actually doing something and making more with my resources during my senior year.

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  1. Awesome that you are taking action!