Friday, October 15, 2010

SDAFF 2010: Movies You Should Consider part one

Here are some movies you should consider watching this year. Keep in mind that online ticket sales ends SUNDAY (Oct 17)!!!!

In July, SDAFF participated in the 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP) and we scripted, shot, edited, and produced a film in 48 hours using the line “I’m trying my best,” the character Doctor Rick/Rita Hernandez, and a chair. And we won the Juror’s Best Fight Choreography Award. Can you guess which film belongs to Team SDAFF? (Hey Mark, looks like my psudo-prediction last year did come true!!!) Free screening on Monday, Oct 25 at 5:10pm

SONGS FROM THE SOUTHERN SEAS is a very beautiful film from Kazakhstan that definitely leaves you wanting more. If I’m not mistaken, this is a SDAFF first—I mean, of all places, who would have thought we would get a film from Kazakhstan? And we’d love to share this festival first with you! The film follows two family’s struggle in coming to terms with identity and discovering their family history intertwined with an old legend. Saturday, Oct 23 at 12:20pm and Monday, Oct 25 at 7:25pm.

Did anyone see IP MAN on closing night last year? Want to see what happens in the sequel? Here’s your chance. P.S. there’s an EPIC fight scene between Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung, not to mention a MAJOR homage to the old 90s Hong Kong movies (any die-hards out there?). Sunday, Oct 24 at 7pm and Wednesday, Oct 27 at 7pm.

BORN SWEET, part of the INTERNATIONAL DEPARTURES program, is one of the most moving documentaries you’ll see this year at the festival. It follows a 15 year old boy struggling with arsenic poisoning who has dreams of becoming a karaoke star and raises the issue of arsenic poisoning in Cambodia. Screenings on Thursday, Oct 21 at 4pm (free!) and Saturday, Oct 23 at 1pm

Online ticket sales ends SUNDAY (Oct 17)!!!!

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