Saturday, October 16, 2010

SDAFF 2010: Movies You Should Consider part two

Tomorrow is the last day to purchase tickets online. I suggest that if there’s a movie you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see, go buy it today. Online.

Let me make one thing clear: Animation is not just for kids. For example, MEI LING is not a kid’s film. As Mei Ling’s boyfriend/lover grows more and more distant, her feelings for him is somewhat transferred to the little octopus she raised. And the feeling is not one way. Screenings Sunday, Oct 24 at 2:25pm and Wednesday, Oct 27 at 7:30pm.

THE HOUSE OF SUH is one of the best documentaries in the festival this year. Emotionally touching on so many levels, it took me by surprise. It’s not a simple retelling of a homicide from the killer’s point of view, the victim being the killer’s sister’s brother/fiancée. This film goes into meticulous detail of the familial honor and duty behind the killing of Robert O’Dubaine, as well as exploring the fact that killing someone isn’t so cut and dry in real life. You truly feel for Andrew Suh and you have to wonder, what would you have done in his position? Honestly, when you look at every perspective, did he have much choice? Screenings on Saturday, Oct 23 at 4:10pm (filmmakers scheduled to attend) and on Tuesday, Oct 26 at 7:15pm.

No, we are not screening episodes of the soap opera. It’s one of our shorts program, one that deals with the growing pains of being a young adult. Upon finishing JUST CURIOUS, one of the guys was impressed that someone of the opposite sex could really get inside a guy’s thoughts when he crushes on someone. Well, maybe the way we fall in love isn’t so different. Screening on Friday, Oct 22 at 5:10pm

What if you grew up thinking you were someone you’re not? What if your identity belonged to someone else? What would you do when you found out? This is the story of a woman who lived most of her life as someone else and decides to find this other person. Find out what happens and ask Deann Borshay Liem on Friday, Oct 22 at 7:30pm.

Online ticket sales ends SUNDAY (Oct 17)!!!!

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