Friday, October 22, 2010

SDAFF 2010: Opening Night

Oh man. What a crazy night. I got to the theater at 4pm to help set up the silent auction tables and it took a while figuring out how to lay everything out since we didn’t know what the layout was going to be. A lot of arranging and rearranging, but it turned out all right. And had to help our live model put on those America’s Next Top Model wings we’re auctioning off (this item will close on closing night). Oh man, this guy has abs. And EVERYONE noticed. And took pictures with him. And I think some people touched him too. Did I not tell you there’s eye candy everywhere? Then changed (really ghetto style) and took forever trying to apply eyeliner and fixing my hair (omg, mousse does amazing things to my hair). By the time I got back to the theater, the lobby was pretty packed. But it was good seeing so many people excited about films.
Then about halfway through LEGEND OF THE FIST, the film melted! Melted! I didn’t even know that was possible! But our rockstar projectionists got the whole thing fixed in 15 minutes. Do you realize how crazy it must have been to be one of the guys upstairs? Having to fix that madness knowing there are 400 patrons? Oh man, much respect.
After the silent auction was finally closed and done with, headed over to Maria Maria’s for some SDAFF love. And food. Noms. It was a lot of fun. Nothing too crazy this year, but it was nice seeing everyone and meeting new friend. Good times.
Tomorrow (well, I guess technically today), Friday, October 22, 2010 Toyota will be hosting a live film project. If you’ve ever wanted to be in a film, this is the place to do it (they’ll be there from 6pm to 8pm). No experience necessary, and it’s open to everyone.
Afterwards, come downtown with SDAFF to party it up at Thin Bar/Onyx. (852 5th Avenue, 92101).
Woo. Day one complete… I really need to get some sleep.


  1. When is an encore for Legend of the fist for the people who couldnt make it for the 945pm showing? I feel empty not being able to finish it.

  2. Props to the staff for standing strong and coming up with a solution right away.

  3. Ryan, we just added three encore screenings for those of you who were unable to finish the film:
    - Saturday, October 23 at 3 PM (private screening for online ticket buyers and members only)
    - Monday, October 25 at 6:30 PM
    - Tuesday, October 26 6:30 PM