Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SDAFF 2010: Why I Love SDAFF

It's a quarter to midnight, I just got home, been up since 7am, haven't showered and I'm blogging for SDAFF. Why?
Because SDAFF is on the countdown and my body is producing more adrenaline and endorphins than I know what to do with. Because SDAFF is a week long festival with nothing but good vibes and good films. Because there's a lot of eye candy everywhere you look. Because I get to dress up and look fancy pants. Because I honestly believe that what SDAFF does is meaningful and purposeful.
But above all, it's because of the people. As customary, we had our last staff meeting pow-wow and most everyone was there. Some people skipped class to be there, some got off work early to be there, some people have been working all day at the theater and were still there. And as I look around the crowded room, I am simply amazed by each and every person. Everyone has been working collectively towards this event, towards this mission, and we are here. And it feels good. I could feel the love and energy and hard work and yes, even the stress, but I wouldn't trade this for the world.
I am blessed to know these people and I proudly call them my family.
Joseph, I miss you dearly and this festival is not the same without you, but know that this one's for you.

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