Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Office Move Day #3: Bamboo Forests!

Day 3 of our move went by pretty smoothly! Spent most of our Monday finishing setting up desks, and bringing in all of the large moving boxes/furniture. The office is quite large- a really beautiful space- that's going to definitely make us more productive.
As you can see, there's a bamboo forest already growing in the middle of the office. This is going to be the "work den" for our staff and interns. The bamboo is going to bring out the inner "animal" in our SDAFF family and help us really "tear" through all of our work.

Everything's pretty much in it's place, now it's mainly organization and setting up the technical end. Wish us luck. By the way- we welcome anyone to drop on by and check out the new space/help us with setting up. It'd be fun!


  1. LOL. LOVE the analogy, Dan. :)

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