Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Office Move Day #4: So Much Space!

Little by little, we've pretty much brought over everything that's needed for our new office space, with much emphasis on the word, SPACE. If you've ever been to our previous home in Kearny Mesa, our screening room, editing bay, mail room, and storage room was all in one large area in the back of the office. It worked for the time being, but definitely got a bit messy which ultimately led to important documents, items, or files being lost. It also provided for a difficult experience when someone was trying to edit a project, while another person was watching a film, and yet another person was conducting a facilities meeting.

NOW! (as you can see in this above photo) we've got a specific room just for storage and yet another set of specific areas/rooms for mail, editing, and meetings. In fact, we have so many meeting rooms at Liberty Station that every member of our staff could be conducting a meeting with a different person all at one time and there'd STILL be space available. That's probably an over exaggeration- but you get the point. Or it could also be a fun game that we could play in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for that particular post.....

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