Thursday, February 10, 2011

Office Move Day #5: Bruises, Cuts, and Desks

C/o SDAFF Transportation + Office Mechanic Bryce Griffin

When I heard SDAFF was moving out of their Clairemont Mesa office to a new office in Liberty Station I was more than willing to help with the move and offered executive director, Lee Ann Kim, my services. The next thing I knew, myself, Phil, and a handful of my brothers from Brotherhood, Academics, Prosperity and Strength at CSU San Marcos were elbow deep in pieces of cubicles. Obviously being the men that we are, we underestimated the task set before us and jumped into the challenge head on. With no instructions and pieces that weighed slightly less than an average human, it is easy say that our motivation was worn away quickly. By our third day’s attempt we found ourselves bruised, cut and ultimately demoralized by the desks, but persevered until they were complete.

Now, three days later upon entering the office I am thankful to say that none have collapsed or maimed any of the beloved SDAFF staff. Surprisingly, the office is starting to come together and the humdrum of shuffling papers has filled the air. It’s so good to be home.

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