Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Office Move Day #9: Goodbye Kearny Mesa Office...

It's official. We're out of our old office space in Kearny Mesa and into our new space in Liberty Station. We spent the last few days officially clearing out all the clutter from the Kearny Mesa office. I got pretty nostalgic as I ran across old film posters that I helped promote or the endless supply of VIP bags that seemed to pop out of the most random places in the storage room. I also was reminded of the creepy space above the editing bay (you may see it in the below video). I'm not sure if anyone has ever dared to make their way across the top of the storage space and lived to tell the tale. And if not, there are so many unanswered questions like how did that mysterious box of equipment get up to where it currently is AND why do we hear a clicking sound every day around 4pm coming from the same place right above our heads. Maybe someone lives up there...now we'll never know.

Below is a video of the former office space as exec director, Lee Ann Kim, takes you on a final tour. Say goodbye! We will miss thee.

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