Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Showing Off SDAFF's New Off---ice.

when i arrived at SDAFF's fancy shmancy new office today, mye was spreading out a large piece of plastic to cover the floor, the sofa was awkwardly positioned like an obscure modern street art piece (not banksy) and there were uncommon tools everywhere...

one side of the office walls was being ready to be painted!

in green, of course!

and oh my, how pro was MYE?!

i didn't know she was a wall painting artist as well. she told me it's a skill acquired from doing it couple of times in the past. i wondered if she turned them into film-poster-esque wall designs eventually.

the wall is not completely finished.
more to come!

if you'd like to say hello to jini shim, this year's newly admitted Reel Voices assistant, happy to be back on board with SDAFF,
come by wednesday or friday afternoons. preferably with a cup of latte (it'll make me happiER)


- jini

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