Thursday, July 14, 2011

Funds for San Diego Filmmakers: Apply Today!

Article care of Executive Director, Lee Ann Kim:

There’s a certain price we pay to live in San Diego, but for the most part, the trade off is worth it. Less traffic than other big cities, glorious sunshine, walks on the beach, and Convoy Street!

But for artists (particularly filmmakers), the price is much steeper. With few resources and support available, San Diego tends to fall victim of losing its artists to LA, SF, and NY. Sadly, this reality is reflective on the quantity and quality of filmmaking in our region. In the last 12 years of the San Diego Asian Film Festival, less than 1% of films we’ve exhibited are from local filmmakers.

We’ve been able to boost those numbers through our Reel Voices documentary program for local high school students. Alas, many of those students end up pursuing film school outside San Diego, and never return.

But now, we have an exciting announcement that will provide one San Diego filmmaker up to $20,000 through The San Diego Foundation’s Creative Catalyst Fund. We hope this new program encourages greater productivity among local artists working at the highest levels of their craft.

Please help us spread the word on this groundbreaking program! Applicants must submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) by August 4 online to The San Diego Foundation. More info is here:

We are looking for projects that reflect the programming of SDAFF (filmmaker is either of API descent OR subject matter deals with API issues), and that also reflect artistic excellence.

Most questions can be answered in the link above… so good luck!

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  1. It's time to get San Diego on the map, and encourage the many talented, but unsung artists of this great city! Hopefully, this program will get some of the local directors and actors' attention and galvanize the Asian filmmaker community in San Diego. I heard someone refer to San Diego as a "cultural wasteland"...let's change that!