Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Oh the Days of Being Lee Ann's Assistant..." Jini's Two Cents for the Future Executive Assistant

Attending the event today, where the Columbia University Alumni Club graciously gathered together to connect and learn more about SDAFF, I once again found myself being recognized as the "Reel Voices rep" of the organization. It was another occasion of realizing how much Reel Voices has become a big part of my life, and I'm very proud.

But if I look back at my history with SDAFF, (I exaggerate. It's only been 3 years.) I always recall the early days and long nights of being Lee Ann's assistant... Wow. Was I?!

It sounds so daunting now-- knowing how crazy the festival week is and how much work is involved, but at the time, I was a young UCSD student, just having fun as a newcomer of a local org that I've been meaning to join for some time. Although I believe not having any expectation of what's to come helped me survive the hectic festival week as her assistant, knowing more about the position would have helped me execute it better, cuz I sure made mistakes, boo boos, and forgot lots of things.

So, if I can put my two cents in for someone wanting to take on this position this year...

Be very available--
Be responsive--
Be organized, and know her schedule and yours by heart.
Eyes on her cell phone at all times.
Stick by her side during the whole festival, but know when to give room.

Looking back, I don't know how I managed to do this even as I had classes and another internship to attend. And frankly, I'm a clumsy girl, so if I survived it, I'm sure there are other great candidates who'd be perfect for this job.

There are awesome perks-- you probably will get to meet everyone, since everyone meets Lee Ann, and possibly even be assigned to pick up fine actors at short notice, (sadly, neither Mr. Yoo nor Chon remembers me)

But best of all, you get to really be with Lee Ann, and learn from the super mama.
There are some very dear moments that happened during the 10-day event. It was definitely a very rewarding experience being with her and seeing what it's like to be the SDAFF executive director.

It's almost silly to be writing so long on this and be giving "guidelines",
but heck-- this blog session turned out to be quite worthwhile, a travel down the memory lane.

Only good times with SDAFF, truly. Hope everyone shares it.
And best of luck to the future executive assistant! (Can't wait to see you running around the floor!)


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  1. watching my cell phone is a big deal for sure!