Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reel Voices' Next Stop: Montreal, Canada!

Can you believe it? A Reel Voices film is going to YoungCuts Film Festival in Montreal, Canada- this is the first International Premiere for Kanyon and Phillip, 2010 Reel Voices alumni!

We were thrilled to receive this news. Thank you to YoungCuts for your recognition! (Read more about YoungCuts here.) The festival will be presenting the films at the Guzzo Spheretech, starting September 30, 2011.

Congratulations to our students Phillip Bernardo-Gomez and Kanyon Iwami! You can view their films here (MeJohn) and here (Hiding the Past).

You can also view what YoungCuts has written about our films: YoungCuts Blog

Photo above shows the Reel Voices class of 2010 walking the red carpet at the SDAFF Awards Gala. Kanyon and Phillip are looking spiffy on the right!

P.S. Current Reel Voices students have recently started to film (some more than others), and are taking time outside of of class to do the filming! They're truly being filmmakers 24/7. Hope you are looking forward to our films!

- Jini

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  1. LEGIT! Congrats to them! Really cool to see them go so far at such a young age!