Monday, June 25, 2012

Mari Mimura's Internship So Far

I’ve worked for SDAFF for about one month. Actually if I include the period of tryout and orientation, it has passed almost two months. I experienced a lot of things here so far and I can feel that I was changed. I’m going to talk about what I did and what I learned so far, and what I want to do and what I want to be in the future at SDAFF.

At first, it was so difficult for me to memorize all the members at SDAFF. It is the basic thing to remember all the names of members at work, but their names are not familiar with me and also I can’t imagine the spellings well, so even if I took a memo, it took me long time to remember and pronounce them well. I often thought that I couldn’t do even so basic thing like that here and I couldn’t communicate with them well because of that, but I noticed that even in Japan, it takes me a while to memorize some people’s names at a time. It happens. So I don’t need to lose my confidence because of that. Now I got used to working at SDAFF, and I’m getting to know members. So I feel I want to know them more till I leave here.

SDAFF got me a lot of periods for orientations. So I was able to know why and for what they work. I watched some films and talk about SDAFF, Asian Americans, and films a lot with Phillip. Those orientations let me prepare my mind for working here and feel excited to work here. My major is International Business and I study about what is the good working environment for minorities such as women, disabilities, non white people, and so on. So through orientation, I thought here is one of the best places where I can learn more about what is going on about race discriminations and what we should do to solve them through working for SDAFF and touching lots of films.

My first work at SDAFF was researching and translation. I researched about latest Japanese movies online, and made a list in English. I was able to feel that there was only me that can speak Japanese fluently, so I could use my advantage to contribute to SDAFF.

These days I worked with Katie. Even though she is younger than me, she helped me a lot. However, it doesn’t mean that she did everything that she can, but help me to share to make our work finish early. Now I feel that she helped me with things that I’m not good at and I helped her with things that I’m good at. I appreciate her so much and I’m so glad that I could work with her.

I helped to clean up the room like storage. It wasn’t just a cleaning for me because I was able to know what and where there were here. I felt it was the best work as the beginning of work at SDAFF. Also I like using my legs and arms to work as well and I could do that with Katie, so it was fun for me.

I helped to check a lot of video tapes and move them into the computer as a file. I don’t use Mac at home, so at first Katie taught me how to move them. Then I named each video. Sometimes I felt sleepy because I didn’t have anything to do while I was waiting till each film ends. But I liked those works because I could see the goal.

Through those works above, I was able to learn how SDAFF works and got used to working here. Also, finally I could experience to work in US. I felt all the members know the goal and meaning to work at SDAFF, try to do their best, and enjoy their jobs. Also, after my school was over, all the international students left for their countries and I felt homesick. However, I have good place to live and work, so I really enjoy everyday life now. Also these days I use only English at work and at house, so I feel my English is improved a little bit better.

Those above are what I learned and felt at SDAFF. I got used to working here, so now it’s time to try and challenge more.

I’m really thankful to everyone at SDAFF because even though I can work only this summer and I’m not fluent in English, everyone accepted me to join SDAFF and got me a wonderful job here. Therefore I would like to contribute to SDAFF more. I don’t mind what kind of work I do, because every work at SDAFF is interesting and new experience for me. But if I have a chance, I would like to work on stuff that I can see what SDAFF is doing actually in San Diego and see the inside and details of SDAFF someday. Anyway, I’m very thankful to SDAFF, so I’m glad to work on anything they need.

-Mari Mimura