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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Woman in Film Part 3: Alyssa Lobit

Q&A with Alyssa Lobit, writer and actress of the film, THE THINGS WE CARRY,

(SDAFF 09') about two estranged sisters reunited through the death of their addicted mother. Women have always been tremendous forces in Alyssa's life as she shares in this Woman's History Month Q&A with SDAFF.

What are you working on now?

I’m continuing to act and write. I’ve written a quirky Romantic Comedy feature and I’m in the middle of writing Sc-Fi Action. We’re also getting ready for the DVD release of THE THINGS WE CARRY. Out in May 2010! We’ll announce where on our website

People assume I am….

Hmm, I have no idea I’d like to think they assume I come in peace.

My female hero is….

My sisters. They’ve shown me true love and have been with me on every step of my journey. They’ve each saved my life a couple times, not to be dramatic. But, yes. Alana and Athena Lobit deserve medals for bravery, compassion and inspiration.

Being a woman means…

I’ve tried to answer this question many times, but I keep coming up blank. Maybe it means that same thing as being alive means – dancing through life with as much style, confidence and grace as possible.

The best advice another woman has given me is…

I learn so much from the women around me, my sisters, my mom, my friends, even strangers. And the best advice seems to come at the most inconspicuous moments. I met a woman at a bar who was celebrating her 50th birthday. She was so alive and having so much fun, I asked her what advice she could give me as a young woman. She pointed at her heart, then moved her finger straight out in front of her and said, “Happiness.” Go after your heart’s desire, toward your personal happiness. I’ve never seen that woman again, but I remember that moment so clearly and what she was saying so simply. Happiness.

Favorite movie & why

I can’t choose a favorite movie… I’ve been inspired by so many over the years. So instead, I’ll do the easy thing and say my own movie: THE THINGS WE CARRY. I’ve learned and grown so much because of it.

My dream project is…

I have so many! I’d love to do a huge mainstream film and work with legendary actors, all the way down to doing a tiny unique grassroots indie. I’ve already done my own version of the latter, but it would be fun to be an actor on someone else’s passion project.

Biggest obstacle you’ve overcome

Self-doubt. The only limitations I experience are those I place on myself, or stem from there. Paradoxically, self-doubt has also been the catalyst to change and growth. The most wonderful experiences started when I asked myself, “Can I do this???” It’s simply a matter of always answering YES.

Biggest accomplishment so far in your life

Completing THE THINGS WE CARRY. Making an independent movie is, to put it simply, impossible. All of the details and scheduling and challenges and all of it. I’m proud to have done the impossible, and in the process having learned that nothing is impossible!

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

I barely know what I’m having for lunch most days! But I’ll probably be creating something. Making movies, acting, writing, gardening, laughing, loving… Tripping out on how amazing it is that I’m alive, that we’re all here at all.

Anything else you want to share?

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has crossed my path thus far. I can only hope to give back all that I’ve received on my journey so far.

You can find out more about Alyssa and her film, THE THINGS WE CARRY, by going here:

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