Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An Intern Marches For What's Right

Today marked a progressive landmark for UCSD community activism for administration, faculty, students, and those participating in the Black Student Union press conference and the administrative Teach- In, as a reponse to the controversial "Compton Cookout".

The atmosphere surrounding the rally/ march evoked a strong solidarity for the under represented "majority" who felt that UCSD's principles of diversity, respect, and community had evolved into a toxic environment, one which lacked interest improving campus climate and the current decrease in admissions to UCSD by racial minorities. But as the collective chanting took place, it became brutally obvious that many of the student body was unaware of the injustices that had been occurring on campus.

The absence of knowledge astounded me, due to the prestigious reputation of being an intelligent and progressive campus for academics and research. Whether it may have be naive ignorance in lack of activism on campus or the self involvement of each persons "busy day", we must take from this day a genuine appreciation for those fighting for the silent and working towards success for UCSD's misdirected "principles of community". Generations have fought for what we have selfishly taken for granted and are privileged with. Change comes with time, but not without a fight.

-Marisa Romero

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