Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SDAFF Intern Introduction: Grace Kim

Hey everyone!

My name is Grace and I'm another new intern joining SDAFF! I'm currently a sophomore at UCSD double majoring in Economics and Political Science. I am a Chicago native but I moved to Orange County when I was 11.

I've always been interested in Asian American media, and my proximity to Los Angeles has given me great opportunities to be involved and meet great people who are deeply rooted in the culture. I also love getting involved and have worked with a few other non-profits before. I'm uber excited to work for SDAFF and learn so much more!!

I'd say I'm just your average girl - I like shopping, hanging out with friends, listening to music and reading. I'm lucky because at home (home home and at UCSD) I live super close to the beach. I also like to bake and cook...and eat :D!

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  1. SDAFF is awesome! I'm sure you'll love your time here. :)