Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our New Facilities Co-Coordinator!

All at SDAFF, please welcome our newest member of the family, Kristin Hashimoto, our new Facilities Co-Coordinator. She will be working with the Facilities team to provide the best film festival experience in San Diego!
Please welcome her to the family when you meet her.

Kristin grew up in Sacramento and is currently a Senior majoring in Graphic Design at San Diego State University.

Here is a little background on our newest SDAFFer:

-Hello SDAFF!

I have tried to make the most of my college experience by becoming involved on campus through my membership in Delta Gamma, the Asian Pacific Student Alliance, and National Panhellenic Council. I also love Taiko! I have been playing and performing since I was eleven years old. My other interests include swimming, basketball, painting, photography, eating, and SDAFF!

I have been lucky enough to attend the San Diego Asian Film Festival for the past two years, and what I love most about the festival is that I am able to really connect with the people on the big screen. Personally, I'm tired of seeing mainstream movies with Asians and Asian Americans in the stereotypical "Kung-Fu Fighter" and "Geeky Asian" role. At the Film Festival, I'm able to see films that I wouldn't see anywhere else, stories about Asian American Families and films where we are the stars rather than a mere side character. After my first SDAFF experience, I immediately wanted to become a part of this strong, culturally enriching organization. I'm so excited to be joining the SDAFF Staff as Facilities Co-Coordinator and can't wait to become more involved with the foundation!

- Kristin

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